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Kasubi Royal Tombs

Situated on a hill within Kampala, the Kasubi Royal Tombs site is an active religious place in the Buganda kingdom . Its place, as the burial ground for the previous four Kabakas, makes it a very important religious center for the royal family, a place where the Kabaka and his representatives frequently carry out important rituals related to Ganda culture. Visiting this place will give u an insight into the Cultural practices of  Buganda Kingdom as a whole.



The Equator

The Uganda equator is one of the most and well known landmarks in Uganda and a Visit To Uganda will definately mean a Visit to the Uganda Equator.The Equator is located in Kayabwe, Mpigi District, about 72 kilometers from Kampala city, the capital of Uganda. You will find the poster for the Uganda Equator on Kampala-Masaka road 420 kilometers from Kampala and Global Afric Safaris will be Delighted to take you their.


Uganda Martyrs Namugongo.

Somewhere in Uganda, in the small town of Namugongo is a magnificent site; the Uganda Martyrs ShrineThe Namugongo Uganda martyrs shrines were setup following the death of 45 Christian young men who were both catholic and Anglican in 1888. These were killed by king Mwanga II of Buganda because they refused to renounce Christianity a religion they had adopted after it was introduced in Uganda by the missionaries during the reign of Kabaka Murtesa .

Its construction started in 1967 and was completed in 1975. A lake was excavated in the Martyrs’ honor and bares a pavilion or Island which takes the form of a modern boat. Global Afric Safaris will Give u a grantor of this Site and Get to know more about the History that surrounds it's Existence.

Source of the Nile in Jinja.

Uganda as the pearl of Africa, is where u find the Source Of River Nile. The longest River in the World.Declared one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Africa , River Nile is the world's longest river stretching 6,650km. Thus making Jinja,Uganda a common destination for tourists from across the globe to come Visit this Beautiful scenery.


Gorilla Tracking

 Uganda is home to half of the world's surviving wild mountain gorillas and Bwindi Impenetrable Game Park in South Western Uganda being their home. A Gorilla Trek is a highlight of all visits done in Uganda and Rwanda and certainly mountain gorillas are the major reason as to why very many people visit these 2 destinations .Experience an unforgettable meeting with these gentle apes yourself.A gorilla safari is easy to book and we would be happy to provide you with a suitable itinerar.


White water Rafting at Jinja.

A trip to Jinja can be very exciting. And so you will drive through the Mabira tropical forest, a natural forest with various primates like the Colobus monkeys and birds. You will stop over at the Owen Fall Dam where the hydro electric power is generated and then head to the source of the Nile for the awesome white water rafting adventure on the Nile. Rafting is the most exciting activities done on the source of the Nile, it does not require any special knowledge and you can always learn how it’s done on that very day.


Mountain Rwenzori

The Rwenzori Mountains is a mountain range of eastern equatorial Africa, located on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).The fascinating Rwenzori Mountains in the western Rift valley are some of the country’s prime features not to miss. Rwenzori is known primarily for its challenging hiking and climbing possibility with a unique among East African mountains. Moutains climbing and Hiking on Rwenzori will be an Experience of a life Time.


Queen Elizabeth National game park

Queen Elizabeth National Park, named after Queen Elizabeth II, is Uganda's big and most Popuplar game safari capital and the title is well-deserved. It is located in the south western part of the country. Queen Elizabeth National park is home to the king of the jungle; lions and elephants, many hippos, buffalo and other animals. If it has to be large Game viewing and Chimpanzee  tracking, then Global Afric Safaris will Lead you to Queen. Elisabeth National Park for an Adventure of a Life time.


Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park sits on the shore of Lake Albert, in northwest Uganda. It’s known for Murchison Falls, where the Victoria Nile River surges through a narrow gap over a massive drop. Its home to over 451 bird species (including the highly sought after and rare shoebill stork) and 76 different mammal species, including giraffe lion, elephant, hippo, leopard, buffalo, hyena, warthog and various antelope. if Your planing places to Visit in Uganda, This sight should definately be on the List.


Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is the Second Depest lake in Africa. Its located in south-western Uganda between Kisoro and Kabale, and it is close to the border with Rwanda.

Many tourists and travelers who undertake a Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda or come to Uganda after their Rwanda Gorilla safari experience rest and relax at the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi as they enjoy the best scenery in the whole world, involve themselves into various cultural and community activities as well birding and canoe rides.




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